This week some nicely detailed Ultramarines Invictarii Armour, transfer sheets, and Praetorian Armour are available for pre-orders. Definitely worth checking out what's new this week from Forgeworld.

via Forgeworld
Ultramarines Legion Transfer Sheet £16.00
Ultramarines Invictarii Heads and Torsos £24.00
Ultramarines MKIV Praetorian Heads and Torsos £24.00

Across the thousands of Forge Worlds producing battle plate for the Legiones Astartes, variations from the standard template have been introduced in deference to local customs, views on artifice and the requirements of the Legion being supplied. Built to the highest standards possible, one superior example of this is Praetorian armour, a variant of Mk IV ‘Maximus’ pattern battle plate produced in the factories of Ultramar for the most recently raised chapters of the Ultramarines.

Invictarii armour is finely detailed, artificer-wrought power armour bestowed upon a select few within the Ultramarines Legion in honour of the deeds they have accomplished in service to the Imperium. It is often worn by those who have served in the elite echelon of warriors known as the Invictarus Suzerains before being assigned command.

Ultramarines Mk IV Praetorian Heads & Torsos and Ultramarines Invictarii Heads & Torsos are new multi-part, resin upgrade kits. They have been designed to work with our existing sets of power armour to create uniquely detailed Ultramarines Legionaries.

These upgrade sets each contain ten resin torsos and ten resin heads, including a Sergeant’s helm and one unhelmeted head, featuring Ultramarines Legion iconography.

They are available to pre-order today for despatch from Monday 18th May
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