Several new Forgeworld models were seen at the Warhammer World Grand Opening. Two of the most popular of the models revealed, were shown off again today by Forgeworld in their newsletter, Sigismund, and a new Daemon Engine using the Lord of Skulls kit and adding legs to it. Here are a couple images from todays newsletter that might interest readers.

via Forgeworld Newsletter 61

Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists

The new Daemon Engine

Also of interest, to those ready to purchase their Warlord Titan

via Siph_Horridus from the Comments Section of Faeit 212
BTW - Warlord not for general sale yet, speaking today (18th May) to FW, "sometime this month".
Body (with Legs) £900 GBP
Whole Kit (Body/Head/2x Carapace, 2x Arms) £1240 GBP
Head seperate sale
Arms are Volcano Cannons, more available in due course
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