Of course getting leaked images are one thing, actually being able to read them is another. The first leaks we saw were in German, followed by some in Spanish. A reader on the site is helping with some quick translations for us English only speakers. Here they are...

via a reader here on Faeit 212
here's a quick Translation for the Cult mechanicus leaks:

Battle Congrrgation special rules:
"Holy choire" - you can re-use an already used Canticle
Tech-adept - You can reroll Warlord Trait.

Warlord Traits:
1 - eternal warrior
2 - Chose 1 weapon, that weapon becomes master craftet, can choose relic
3 - Warlord can re-roll FnP
4 - Warlord or his unit can choose the result on the mysterious
objectives (?) instead of rollinga D6
5 - Warlords melee attacks have haywire
6 - when using Canticles, the warlord and his unit always have the
highest possible effect (as if there were 8 units with canticles on the

Formations special rules:
Holy Requisitioner:
- Deepstrike
- All Units must be placed in deepstrike reserves, roll 1 D6 for the
entire formation
Tech priest must be placed first when arriving via deepstrike,
kataphrons dont scatter within 6" of the Tech priest
- when deepstriking near a mission objective, tech priest doesn't scatter
- as long as the kataphrons are within 6" of any mission objective, they
gain counterattack and zealot

Numinous Conclave:
- Crusader
- Corpuscarii electro priests within 6" of another unit Fulgurite
Priests get one extra shot. enemy units hit with these extra attacks get
- Fulgurite Priests can reroll to-wound rolls when fighting against
electrified targets

Elimination Maniple:
- when a Castelan Robot causes a wound/glancing hit/hit with a "Luminagen" weapon, Kataphron Destroyers gain BS +1 and Ignore cover till the end of the turn when attacking the same target

Cohort Cyberentica:
- Counts as 1 unit, tech-priest dominus cant leave the unit
- Tech-priest Dominus counts as Cybernetica Datasmith, chosen Kastelan
combatprotocol effects take effect at the end of the players turn
- During shooting phase, the Dominus or datasmith can, instead of
shooting, take control over one Kastelan Robot. for every
datasmith/dominus that chooses to do so, you can choose another target.
(its basicly split fire)
- this units counts as 3 units for the canticle special rule until
completley destroyed. this units counts as 3 units for victory points
when completley destroyed.
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