The latest rumors have been heading in the direction of a Dark Angel vs Tzeentch campaign that will take place this summer. With it new Dark Angels, and a new Lord of Change. This rumor bit adds to that with a new Tzeentch Daemon character that was seen.

Please remember that these are rumors.

these rumors come on the heels of the discussion that has been going on. To catch up.. here is a link to see what has been discussed already.

via Dark Apostle on Faeit 212
they will add a new daemon character for the campaign this is one of the objectives for the DA to kill off before a mighty Lord of Change is summoned also it is a great wizard/psyker consider it to be Ahriman but in daemon form, or that is the fluff more or less for that model. not sure on release time. picture i was sent is of a model that is not a kitbash or a conversion, new sculpt.

it is not the alleged LOC model, this is in addition to the LOC. 

only saw daemon character picture. awaiting image for LOC. 

disbelieve until it releases you will anyway. (or some will, others will just apply a healthy dose of salt and appreciate the info's nonetheless) 
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