It looks like we have a lot more Space Marines and Dark Angels revealed due to a new series of re-directs that are appearing. Codex, new models, and more.

Very nice that we are getting Dark Angels confirmed alongside or near a Space Marine Codex release. Also.... very cool that these command tanks will be a part of the release and now available to everyone.

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
well, you'll get a sneak prev @ monday

also, you will get an Ultramarine Paint Splatter in next weeks WD :P
Next week: painting blue and gold

Space Marine/ Dark Angel Re-Directs

Space Marine Assault Squad
Datacards: Space Marines
New Codex: Space Marines
Space Marine HQ Command Tanks:

new Dark Angels Battleforce
Codex Dark Angels 2015:
Codex. Dark Angels eBook:
Datacards Dark Angels:

new Space Marine Devastator URL :)

so we have:
- Codex Space Marines
- Datacards Space Marines
- Assault Squad
- Devastator Squad
- HQ command Tanks

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