The leaks earlier revealed the Cult Mechanicus weapons and a new and quite possible very powerful formation that combines the Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, and Imperial Knights into one Adeptus Mechanicus force. All the rules that we have been seeing have been in French, and it just happens we have some very thoughtful French readers here.

Here is a translated version of the weapons and equipment of the Cult Mechanicus.
Please remember that along with any translation, there is room for error. This was also posted in part and in whole in the comment section earlier today.

via a reader on Faeit 212
I don't know if this is any use but use it if it is. A few technical or made up words are difficult to translate but I've got almost all of it.

Weapons and items
Mechadendrite Harness
The metal cables and the armatures of this are used b Tech-Priests of the Cult Mechanicus to accomplish hundred of different tasks

The wearer can shoot with all shooting weapons in the Shooting Phase. In addition, the wearer is equipped with a data-pick

Data-pick (?data-thief is better)
Data picks allow agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus to invade the cortex of enemy machines and steal their secrets in moments
Range -, S user, AP-, Melee, Data-pick, Disruption

Data-pick: When a model equipped with a weapon with this special rule attacks in hand-to-hand, it gains an extra attack with this weapon at initiative step 10. This does not give an extra Pile In move.

The Adeptus Mechanicus does not take exploiting warzone resources lightly – to the degree that some members continue their work after death.

At the beginning of each of your turns, the bearer can identify 1 Mysterious Objective anywhere on the battlefield

Electroclastic Baton
The powerful capacitors built into an electroclast baton allow it to drawn off every last bit of electricity from its victim

Range -, S+2, AP4, Melee, two-handed, Shock, Electroclast

Electroclast: A roll of 6 to wound gives the Instant Death rule

Electrostatic gauntlets
These bracelets channel electrostatic charge from the rearmounted generator and release it in a cascade of deadly lightning
Range 12” S4 AR- Assault 2, twin-linked
Range -, S+1, AP-, Melee

Eradication Beamer
Whosoever is taken by the pale light of the eradication beamer finds death
Eradication shots have different profiles depending on the distance to the target. If the profile to use is not clear, the controlling player gets to choose

Range 0-12”, S8, AP1, Heavy 1
Range 12-24”, S6, AP3, heavy 1, Blast

This is an antique pistol capable of firing a cloud of solid projectiles
Range 12”, S4, AP6, Burst (?) pistol

Burst (?) Pistol: When shooting with a weapon with this rule, throw 5 dice, but it is treated as a pistol in all other respects

Phosphor Serpenta
Even if a victim turns out to be strong enough to survive, the light given off by these globes serves as a beacon to allies, guiding their attacks.

Range 18”, S5, AP4, Assault 1, Luminagen

Luminagen – same as in previous WD

Volkite Charger
Volkite weapons transfer so much thermal energy to the target that it combusts on the spot.

Range 24", S6, AP5, Heavy 3, Conflagration (best guess)

Conflagration: After normal attacks from this weapon are resolved, count the number of Wounds removed from the target unit; immediately resolve the same number of automatic hits at S6 AP5. The models of the target unit must still be within range for these additional attacks to happen. The wounds lost because of this special rule do not cause additional attacks.

Special Rules for the Formation
Brotherhood of the Martian Machine : All the units of this formation have the special rule Canticles of the Omnissia (see Codex: Cult Mechanicus), even if they are not all part of the Cult Mechanicus faction.

-Alpha-Dominus : If the Tech-Priest Dominus of this formation is your Warlord, you can reroll your dice roll on the Warlord Traits Table of Codex: Cult Mechanicus

Power of the Adeptus Mechanicus : All the options available to models of the Formation (including Relics of Mars and Arcana Mechanicum) are free. Furthermore, weapons of models in the formation lose the 'Gets Hot' rule if they have it.

Under restrictions in the Formation 'Aucune' means 'none'

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