The Imperial Knight Codex is just hours from hitting the stores depending on where you are. So, the information is really coming, and many of the questions I personally have had are right here. Lords of War really are going to be a mainstay of 40k now.

Please remember that until we get an official release, these are still rumors.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
There are some things I've seen and some I haven't so i'll give a quick rundown of each important item just for clarity.

The codex is a mash-up of the Knight Companion and a very well re-written Codex (including fluff).

All five Knight variants are Lords of War (LoW).  Also, if you take the Primary Detachment ALL Knights get Objective Secured.

A Primary "Household Detachment" is consisted of at least 3 LoW with 2 optional LoW.
   Command Benefits - Knight Commander, Lord Baron, Objective Secured

An Allied "Oathsworn Detachment" is consisted of at least 1 LoW with 2 optional LoW
   Comman Benefits - None

The Knightly ranks system as we knew it is now gone.  You no longer have the option of rolling for better stats, it's handled in a much more static but robust way.  In a Household Detachment the Warlord gains the following two rules for free, along with Objective secured for all members of the Detachment;

Lord Baron - This is now the Warlord rank for a Household Detachment.
  +1 to Weapon Skill
  +1 to Ballistic Skill
  No bonus to Ion Shield
  Gains "Character" unit type so can make/accept challenges
  May purchase Heirloom items

Knight Commander
  Lord Baron gains re-roll to Hit during a challenge

All Knight variants share the same stats profile but vary in cost, the costs shown below are base costs without upgrades

Errant - 370
Paladin - 375
Gallant - 325  (Weapons are not specialist so grant +1 attack for 2 CCW's)
Crusader - 425
Warden - 375

There are 5 Formations in total, i'll give basic info on these

Exalted Court - 5 Knights (any type)
All Lord Barons, all have "Character" added tp unit type
1 can must upgraded for free to High King/Princeps
High King gains +2 BS/WS and +1 to Ion Shield

Baronial Court - 3-5 Knights (any type)
One Knight is upgraded to Lord Baron
Ionic Shieldwall - Knights from this formation within 6" of another Knight from the formation gain +1 to front facing Ion Shields
Knightly Vassals - Knights within 12" of the Lord Baron (if he is your warlord) can fire Overwatch (!!!!!!!!!!!) despite being super-heavy walkers and gain Counter-Attack

Tripartite Lance - Warden, Crusader, Gallant
Whilst the live the Knights in the formation are part of a single unit and must act accordingly.  also, whilst alive, each Knight provides the following bonuses
Warden - All shooting attacks made by Formation count enemy cover as 1 less (ie 4+ becomes 5+)
Gallant - Models make D3 Hammer of Wrath attacks
Crusader - All template weapons in formation gain Twin-linked

Gallant Lance - 3 Gallant
Gain Crusader and Rage
Full Tilt - Re-roll failed charge ranges

Skyreaper Lance - 3 Knights of any type
All MUST have Icarus Array
Re-roll to wound against Flying MC/GMC
Re-roll failed armour pen rolls, re-roll glances to get a better result (must accept 2nd result)

Warlord Traits
Warlord and friendly Knights within 12" add +1 to run/charge range
Nominate a weapon to become master-crafted, cannot be an heirloom item
Re-roll to hit in combat if he charges
Warlord +D3 friendly Knights gain Outflank
Re-roll failed Ion saves of a 1
+1 attack

Friendly Armies of the Imperium units within 12" must re-roll failed Morale, Pinning and Fear tests
Gain Rampage
It Will Not Die
Master-crafted Thunderstirke
S;D AP1  Chainsword that can re-roll to hit rolls of 1
Sanctuary.  Ion shield that grants a 6+inv to facings not covered by Ion shield

That's pretty much everything without listing weapons profiles and stat lines!

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