There is an odd Warhammer Fantasy rumor floating around today, and as you read it, make sure you add plenty of salt. Even the sources of the rumor, seem to want to distance themselves from it. The rumor involves Warhammer Fantasy being played several different ways, one a skirmish level, two- the same game as we all know, and three- The End Times.

Please remember that this is a rumor. Extra salt please on this.

Posted by Matthias Thulmann on Warseer (not his rumor)
"Rumour from TWF. Take with the amount of salt from the Pacific Ocean.
This is not my rumour so I take no credit etc for posting it!

I am posting this in my non-main account because, should this turn out to be fabricated, I do not wish to be roasted =) That being said, I know a guy who knows a guy who stumbled on this completely by accident so add salt to taste.

- the 9th edition rules aren't going to be the big jump that moving from 7th edition to 8th was.
- there are going to be 3 versions of Warhammer. The Age of Sigmar - recommended for point totals 500 to 1,500 and will be a skirmish style game. The Age of Steel - Warhammer as we all played it over the last 5 years. The End Times - magic heavy and 50% lords & heroes (and Lore of Undeath).
- power dice are now a base of 2D6 (4D6 for End Times) up to 2,000 points, add another power dice for every 1,000 points after that so fielding a 4,000 point army would roll 4D6 Winds of Magic or 6D6 in the End Times.
- lots of new spells though the #6 spells all allow Ward Saves
- new magic items. Some went away, some new ones arrived.
- 8th edition measuring still exists
- Regeneration now works like a War Hydra, dead models come back with a single wound on a 4+ (I think Plaguebearers just won Warhammer)
- Lances do impact his on the charge
- Spears are +1ST if they hold against "mounted units"
- ASF has changed. Units that charge get ASF vs the unit they charge.
- Fear as now but tests are at -1 leadership, Terror at -2 (BSBs are still OP)
- Killing Blow does D3 wounds
- Heroic Killing Blow still kills everything
- characters riding monsters have a merged profile (which I presume is why cannons are still going shout '10 from the back!'...)
- Steadfast can be lost with a single rank of 5 in the flank. Units cannot be Steadfast against anything that can Thunderstomp them
- 2D6 Scenarios and a much broader terrain chart
- models lose half their charge roll distance if they clip terrain (think of it as toned down 7th edition terrain rules) though dangerous terrain is still in effect (1s to wound for models that take dangerous terrain tests)
- new building rules though they still look bad
- combat resolution - outnumbering is back
- holding table quarters is back too"
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