There some additional rumors around this morning about the rumored codex, Tzeentch Daemonkin. According to the rumors, the release will have a new Lord of Change, and new Sorceror. Sounds a little familiar, but with extra bits for Thousand Sons.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via bird in the trees on Bols by Larry Vela
Codex is same size size as Khorne Daemonkin
Lord of Change
Release is centered around the new plastic Lord of Change
LoC is same size as the Bloodthirster
Has 2 head options, 2 staff options, hurling a fireball option.
Only comes with an oval base.
Tzeentch Sorceror
Clampack sorceror – Tzeentch
Chaos Marine styled
Has 2 head options
Has bits to allow Thousand Sons version
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