This is the final week for the Cult Mechanicus, but it's a full one. Two model releases, codex, painting guides, datacards, and all the special limited editions.... Wow, there is a lot there. Check out the latest information on the Cult Mechanicus,

Please remember that this is still early information and should be considered rumors until leaks and even until official information from Games Workshop is seen.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Cult Mechanicus Codex - 80 pages £20
Electro priest combo box (5 miniatures plastic) £25
Tech Priest plastic clampack £22
paint guides for Skitarii & Cult Mechanicus £12 each.

Dominus edition Cult Mechanicus book with datacards and metal objective markers only 900 copies. Direct only.
Ryza, Mars & Metalica A4 transfer sheets also direct only. No prices available to me.

Datacards available separately for £7.50 like always. (Not direct only)

couple of Mech themed Black Library novels too
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