Pre-Orders are up early for the UK this morning. There are some interesting things in there, including the 1st Company Task Force, and both 10 man and 5 man Assault Squad box sets. Those upgrade packs also look really nice laid out with paint on them. I am definitely hoping that GW expands the upgrade pack sets for more chapters.

Pre-Orders are Up - Right now in the UK, More to follow shortly
1st Company Task Force £194

Ten Man Assault Squad £50
Space Marine Assault Squad £25

Blood Angels Transfer Sheet £15
Ultramarines Transfer Sheet £15
Dark Angels Transfer Sheet £15

Ultramarines Upgrade Pack £8
Blood Angels Upgrade Pack £8
Space Wolves Upgrade Pack £8
Dark Angels Upgrade Pack £8

Ultramarines Paint Bundle £43.20

Space Marine Assault Squad
Falling from the sky with lightning speed and stunning aggression, the ferocity of the Space Marine Assault Squad is rarely matched in battle. Countless shells of bolt pistol fire slam into the enemy as the squad charges forward with no hesitation whatsoever, hacking and rending at any survivors with whirling chainswords, barging them to the ground with their heavy power armour and shattering their skulls with close-quarter brutality.

This box set contains everything you need to make five multi-part plastic Assault Marines, with amazing scope for customisation. One miniature can be assembled as a Space Marine Sergeant - two bare Sergeant heads are included on top of the seven Marine heads. The entire squad can be modelled with or without jump packs, as five complete assemblies are included with and without harnesses and backpacks. There are five running leg assemblies, twelve shoulder pads and an array of Purity Seals, scroll cases and ammo pouches.

Weapons… these guys are armed to the teeth. Included in the box:

Five Space Marine Bolt Pistols;
Five Space Marine Chainswords ;
Three Plasma Pistols ;
Two Space Marine Flamers ;
One Space Marine Grav Pistol ;
One Space Marine Heavy Chainsword (Eviscerator) ;
One each of Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer;
One Space Marine Combat Shield;
One Melta Bomb.

The squad can truly be assembled to reflect your play style and aesthetic choices with this massive variety - and you’ll have a huge surplus of weapons to add to your existing Space Marine collection. Includes five Citadel 32mm Round Bases.

First Company Taskforce
When the fate of entire star systems hangs on a single, decisive battle, the Adeptus Astartes bring out the serious guns. The 1st Company Task Force is feared galaxy-wide as an engine of destruction capable of single-handedly altering the direction of conflict.

This bundle gives you everything necessary to field the 1st Company Task Force formation from Codex: Space Marines, with two Terminator Squads, one Terminator Close Combat Squad, two sets of Sternguard Veterans and two sets of Vanguard veterans - thirty-five miniatures in total.

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