There are lots of pics coming out from all over the place. I have seen some great collections this morning, coming out of Battle Bunnies, Bolter and Chainsword, and pics just sent in to me from readers. Lets take a look at some of the highlights from these.....

Warlord Titan
2,750pts and 30 Hull Points!!!!!

To see a ton more Great Pics please check out these sites
Battle Bunnies

Bolter and Chainsword
pics from m_r_parker

Blood for the Bloodgod

via Keith from Warhammer World
New WW is good but smaller than I had imagined. Individual stores look really good and the exhibition spaces are nice too. The Ultramarines v Khorne diorama is totally amazing and really has to be seen to be appreciated. I'd guess it measures some 20 feet by 10 feet.

credits to the respective sites and photographers

Blood for the Blood God...... 2,750pts and 30 Hull Points!!!!!

Battle Bunnies.....

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