Forgeworld today is releasing its new 26 airbrush paints to pre-orders. While I don't airbrush much of anything, its definitely worth hearing how these paints stack up to others that hobbyists are using.

Also, images from copies of the Horus Heresy Tempest are starting to filter out. Check them out!

Atia has her copy of the Horus Heresy Book V- Tempest, and is showing off some of the artwork. Here is a link.

via Forgeworld
Forge World Airbrush Paints are specially formulated acrylic paints designed to give great results with an airbrush, whilst retaining the perfect consistency for applying with a paint brush. This range of 26 paints includes flat colours and metallics, as well as clear colours which can be combined to create effects such as fades, blends, washes and for changing the shades and tones of other colours.

Forge World Airbrush Paints are ideally suited for using with our Horus Heresy model range, as well as with all other Forge World and Citadel models and scenery.

Forge World Solution is ideal for thinning paints and also for cleaning your airbrush, often the most important and overlooked part of maintaining this essential piece of hobby equipment. It is designed to work with Forge World's Airbrush Paint range.

Forge World Clear Medium is designed to be combined with Forge World's Airbrush Paints to improve their flow and provide a great aid to blending. It can also be used to create translucent effects and make washes and glazes when mixed with any of the paints from the Forge World and Citadel paint ranges.

These great airbrush paints have been created to work alongside the full range of Citadel paints to make your models look amazing!

Forge World Airbrush Paints are available to order today.
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