There has been some questions about the new Imperial Knight models regarding what is on the sprues for upgrades. A reader sent in his own observations after being able to spend some time with the new models. Hopefully this helps a few people out there with their new Knights.

via a reader on Faeit 212
i had the chance to get a closer look ath the new sprues,
just a little addition to the leaked knight warden pics because they
dont really make it clear:
you can build both, the Icarus Canon AND Rocketlauncher pod with the
Knight Warden kit and both have that little pin needed to attach to the
Knights back so people can upgrade existing knights if they wish, no
need to fiddle around.
All Knights can get a flak or rocket pod as upgrade.

also all knights with the D-Sword can exchange it for a Fist and all
knights can exchange their shoulder mounted weapon for a melta.
sadly no characters like gerantius in the codex :/
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