Going into the last week of the Adeptus Mechanicus armies, the Cult Mechanicus codex is due for release this coming weekend. The book is already out for pre-orders, and some information is coming out now revealing the Warlord Traits.

The image above is from the sample images for the digital codices from the Black Library

Please remember that these are rumors. The first part confirms earlier rumors we have heard, and the detachment layout is fully available to see in the sample images for the interactive codex download from the Black Library (so is not really new at this point). However the rules for the bonus's were not available, and the Warlord Traits as well.

Here is the latest information for the Cult Mechanicus.

via a anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Ive just had a look at some of the Cult Mechanicus codex.
Battle Congregation
-Compulsory 1 HQ, 2 Troops
-Optional 6 Troops, 4 Elites, 2 Heavy Support, 1 Fortification

-allows for a re-roll of Warlord Traits
-allows to re-use a Canticle of the Omnissiah

The Warlord Traits are
-warlord has eternal warrior
-one weapon on your warlord becomes master crafted
-re-roll warlords feel no pain rolls
-when the warlord's unit checks a mysterious objective, you can choose the result
-warlords close combat attacks gain haywire
-gain the highest effect of the canticle regardless of number of units
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