This week's Cult Mechanicus releases will only consist of the Kataphron Battle Servitor box set. From the box set which looks to contain 3 battle servitors you can create either Kataphron Destroyers or Breachers. Readers have sent in translations from the German leaks so that we can get a better look at the new units that are being shown today.

Here is what rumors from about a week ago (which look verified) are saying about each of these new units.

via a reader on Faeit 212
i thought your readers might like a translation for the leaked
breacher/destroyers special rule.
Rough translation would be "heavy combat-servitors"
- they can't run
- can shoot up to 2 weapons
- count as stanionary when shooting heavy or salvo weapons even after moving
- may charge even after firing assault, heavy or salvo weapons

the other 2 special rules are
- "anthem of the onmesiah" (rough translation, new rule)
- bulky

come as 3 models, up to 9 additional

none of those weapons appear in the Skitarri Codex, seems like they get
new ones/heavier versions of exisiting ones.

via Atia and Others
The previews for next week say:
- Electrifying
- Lords of Mars let loose
- An exclusive formation

Leaked Images
via Gametrust,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus-white-dwarf-68-kataphron-battle-servitors-chaos,id43128.html

Lots More Here as well
via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword

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