The New Warhammer World Campaign has new formations and dataslates, and the campaign rules have been rather fully revealed. The interesting part is they include a lot of dataslates for Khorne Daemonkin.

You can check out Atia's pics at this link...

Of course I find that I am liking the Imperial Formations better, but so much focus on the Khorne Daemonkin codex gives me great hopes for the other Daemonkin Codices that are rumored in our future.

The Forces in Blood Oath- Each gets a dataslate formation.
Ultramarines 1st company:
The Spear of Sicarius:
Grey Knights Emperors Hand Strike Force:
Anvil of the Emperor - Knights and Titans

and now: the bad guys
The Bloodied Horde (Khorne Daemons)
The Fist of Khorne (Berzerkers)
The Goreguard (Anggrath and Bloodthirsters)
Hellforged Hunting Pack (Daemon Engines)

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