The Age of Sigmar recently was revealed during rumor and re-directs. This rumor bit takes that a step further saying the Age of Sigmar will be the name of the first starter set for the Warhammer Fantasy. Check out the latest rumors for Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Age of Sigmar will be not the first part of a Three-Part Ruleset in the 9.Edition, it will be the Name of the first Starter Set. The Set includes Simplyfied Fantasy Rules, based on the new Edition with Skimisher Rules. Age of Sigmar will be an easy and "cheap" introduction for new People and the first Release of the new Edition. Soon after the Set GW will release the Full Rulebook with full skimisher and standard Rules. Later in this Year, there will be a classic Starter Set like the previous with two Armies and a Full Mini-Rulebook.
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