Dark Angels have been revealed in the latest round of discovered re-directs, and the floodgates are open now, and rumors are flowing. If anything seems to be a constant with the rumors lately, is that lots of new formations are going to hit.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Bird in the Trees posted by Larry Vela on Bols
Dark angels are following right on Space Marines.

Look for a “Grey Knight” codex only-release.

No “new” models at all, aside from those shared with Space Marines.

Slightly increased pagecount.

New formations for Deathwing, Ravenwing.

Numerous new Formations, including one landspeeder-based build about the Darkshroud.

There are some “Hunt for the Fallen” flavor rules that can come into play versus Chaos Marines.

Nephilim & Darktalon costs have been reduced.

Numerous minor changes to bring all general equipment, units and costs into alignment with upcoming codex Space Marines.
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