With the Space Marine codex looming before us for an early to mid June release, we should hopefully start seeing some information on what it will contain very soon. The information below was posted up in the comment section here on this site, and talks about a detachment called an Adeptus Astartes Operative Detachment.

I have no idea on whether or not this is real or not, but it looks interesting. I originally missed it through the comments and thanks to Nick from the Burning Eye for bringing it to my attention.

Please remember that this is a rumor.

via Jarkko Airaksinen from the Faeit 212 comment section
This one will ruin a few rainforests worth of pulp (unless you people buy it in digital) since there will be a s**tload of detachments along with formations.

I've heard it will contain more than one core detachment to choose from and it decides the basis of your army and the main strategy.

One of these will feature a Guilliman's golden standard of key Tactical Doctrine in to which you add different strategic elements in form of Assault or Devastator Doctrine based elements along with specialized support formations to suit one's needs.

Like this:
Adeptus Astartes Operative Detachment

1+ Tactical Detachment(s) with 2+ Troop Choices, 1 Elite, 0-1 Fast Attack (with restricted choices), 0-1 Heavy Support (also restricted) and 0-1 Fortification.

1 Command Detachment per Core Detachment

0-1 Lord Detachment per army

0-X Doctrine Detachment(s) per Tactical Detachment which include:
Devastator Doctrine
2-X Heavy Supports (restricted choices)
1-2 Scouts
0-1 Tactical Squad
0-1 Elite (restricted)
0-1 Fast Attack (restricted)

Assault Doctrine
0-1 HQ (restricted)
2-X Assault Squads/Vanguard Veterans/Assault Centurions
0-1 Fast Attack (restricted)

Mechanical Detachment (Vehicles only except for MotF and/or Techmarines)
0-1 HQ (Command Rhino + Land Raider XXX)
0-1 MotF
0-3 Techmarines
1-3 Vehicles (non walkers and as squadrons of 1-3)

Aerial Detachment
Siege Detachment

It will be a one heck of a release which will bring a lot of changes for "vanilla" Space Marines, which will add a lot of flavor for them allowing you to field a force which is even more specialized than those non-Girlyman standard Space Marines who are considered to be worth of their own book...

Four Codices worth of stuff with a price tag of two. Two Infantry boxes, two clampack HQs, upgraded vehicle kit along with Vehicle Formation Bundle and a "starter" Bundle.
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