The leaked images have kept us in suspense for a long time this week for a Cult Mechanicus release. Now we have images leaking that are revealing that the Kataphron Destroyers/Breachers box set is coming this week, although no sign yet of a codex.

In the leaked images we have rules for both Kataphron Destroyers and Breachers, although they are in German.

thank you for the translations.....Next week it looks like we get our Electro-Priests and Tech-Priest Dominus.

The previews for next week say:
- Electrifying
- Lords of Mars let loose
- An exclusive formation

via Gametrust,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus-white-dwarf-68-kataphron-battle-servitors-chaos,id43128.html,list1199,1,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus.html

Lots More Here as well
via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
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