Warhammer Fantasy factions and how they will end up is a very important topic right now as we head into the next edition of the game. There are some given concepts, that the factions will be rolled into bigger ones.

While a lot of this has been talked about, I believe there are a few new bits in here

Please as usual with Fantasy rumors right now, apply a little extra salt, until we we get something rather solid.

via silveralen on Warseer
I have more stuff about factions. Usual disclaimer, this is second hand stuff take with a grain of salt etc.

1. Empire Remmanents: Mainly humans, with some dwarfs, ogres, and vampires. Humans units tend towards elite holy warriors (focus on priests, Knights, and witch hunters). The dwarves are mainly steampunk flavored, some of which bleeds into the rest of the faction. Vampires tend towards the human aesthetic, ogres have elements of both.

2. Chaos: all three chaos armies mixed together.

The warriors/humans have the same general design as now, except more obvious demonic gifts. Winged units of warriors was mentioned as an example.

Beastmen will come in more flavors, for example reptilian and avian variations. Also a variety of more animalistic units.

3. Orks/Goblins: More or less the same. They get ogres as per end times.

Also, possible mention of dwarf slaves either as units or as justifcation for some steampunk elements in the army. So possibly a bit more 40kification of the army overall, including more squigs.

4. Skaven: two major changes. First, more warptech, notably more apparent in modeling if not in rules.

Second, lizardmen slaves apparently bound using magic/warptech and mutated.

5. Undead: End times undead. More feral in feel. Beyond that, nothing.

6. Elves: End times elves, slightly more unified in appearence, takes cues from all 3 armies. Nothing much else known.

The last two are possibly due to ignorance rather than an actual lack of changes.

I don't know if any of this is really new besides a couple orc and skaven bits, some of it I read in the round up already but I just put it all down.
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