The Cult Mechanicus codex is out now very shortly, and should be hitting stores everywhere today. While we have seen a lot of German leaks, I have seen very little in English. A reader here though is up on giving us a rough translation of the Relics and Canticles from German into English.

Check out the latest Cult Mechanicus. Also please leave a little room for error when it comes to translations

Translated via an anonymous source for Faeit 212
(rough translation from German to English)

- Arkhan Lands Autocaduceus:
Model gets "It wont die!" special rule

- Anzions Pseudogenerator:
Model equiped with this relic gets D6 additional attacks with the
following profile
S4 AP5 Melee, shred

- Garb of the Technomartyr:
2+ Armor Save, all shooting attacks of model from the Skitarii and
Mechanicus from the cariers unit get "Cognis weapon" special rule
- Cognis weapon: ALL Snapshots are BS2, flamers get 3 instead
of D3 hits when using defensive fire

- Mask of Alpha-Dominus
Carrier of the Mask of Alpha-Dominus can use this item whenever he
wants to instantly change the "battle protocols" of Kastelan Robots
Maniples or Cohort Cybernetica within 12".
The new "battle protocol" takes effect immediately. The previous
protocols cannot be used again for the rest of the game.

- Perspicatus-Seerskull
At the Start of your turn, a model equiped with this artifact can
use it to identify any mysterious objective or scan an enemy vehicle.
When scanning a vehicle all friendly Skitarii or Mechanicus may
reroll failed AP shots against vehicles, and may reroll glancing hits to
roll a critical hit.

- retrogenese-glove
a model with this artifact may use it during melee instead of doing
normal attacks.
when doing so, choose a friendly or enemy vehicle in base contact,
then roll to hit.
if you hit, roll a D6:

1 - your enemy choses if the target vehicle gains or loses 1 HP
2-3 - you choose of the target vehicle gains or loses 1 HP
4-5 - you choose if the target vehicle gains or loses D3 HP
6 - you choose if the target vehicle gains or loses D6 HP

as far as i understand, canticles can be used once per game and get
stronger the more units with the "canticles of the omnissiah" are in
your army.
also only units with the "canticles of the omnissiah" special rule gains
their effects but it will affect all of em at the same time.
i will call them A-F because there is no way i can do a just translation
to their names:

A -
1-3 units: Units gain relentless
4-7 units:Units gain relentless and must reroll morale, fear and pinning
8+ units: Units gain fearless

B -
1-3: Enemy units bound in melee suffer one S4 AP- hit during Ini. Step 10
4-7: Same as above, 2 Hits
8+: Same as above, 3 Hits

C -
1-3: Units my reroll "1" to-hit results in melee
4-7: Units may reroll "1-2" to-hit results in melee
8+: Units may reroll all failed to-hit results in melee

D -
1-3: Units gain concealed
4-7: Units gain shrouded
8+: Units gain concealed and shrouded

E -
1-3: Units gain +1 Strength
4-7: Units gain +2 Strength
8+ Units gain +3 Strength

F -
1-3: Units may reroll "1" hit results when shooting
4-7: Units may reroll "1-2" hit results when shooting
8+ Units may reroll all failed hit results when shooting
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