There are now leaks all over the place confirming the information we were talking about earlier with the Battle Forged and Unbound ways of playing in the revised edition of 40k. Of course we have a new Psychic phase, as well as new missions to create a more dynamic tabletop.

Someone left leaks in the comment sections on Pins of War, and they can also be found in many other places online now. These are originally from Image Shack.

Valhalla Update
This year is going to be a fun lists of guests up in the Utah Mountains with such personalities as Gamer Girl, David Lewis of Dropzone Commander, representitives from Corvus Belli, Reecius from Frontline Gaming, and of course myself. There will be lots of games going this year, and we will be talking shop with everyone.

We are not yet at the lodge, but we are in route, awaiting the last guests today, as we load the shuttle. The new location is about 3 1/2 hours south of Salt Lake City or 2 1/2 hours  north of Vegas out in the Utah Wilderness. I will be bringing pictures to the site tomorrow.
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