The first of the collectors edition models is now up for pre-order, and we have a special preview video of it to check out. The model is now up for pre-order and will be available June 11th.

Of course I will do more pics as I get it assembled and figure out how to paint such a nice model. Here is a link to the Hawk Wargames site where pre-orders are available and you can see more pics of a finished model. I have lots of things to show this weekend in regards to Dropzone Commander, including a battle report with my UCM against the PHR.

via Hawk Wargames
This imposing model is the very first kit in our exciting new Collector's Edition range. It is a complete 3x scale up and re-working of the original 10mm scale Ares Battle Walker - be sure to check out the gallery for this product, as it illustrates just how much bigger a 3-up is! Although this model makes a fantastic display centrepiece, it is cast from the highest quality tough resin and is more than suitable for gaming, should you wish to use the model for skirmish-based systems.

This finely detailed resin kit is far from a simple scale up. Many new features have been added and most of the original detail has been re-mastered to suit this scale. We have ensured that this kit delivers the level of detail that fans of our DZC range have come to expect. The legs have also been made completely posable - right down to the toes! This makes all sorts of dynamic poses possible, allowing you to make yours truly unique.

This miniature is available exclusively from Hawk Wargames direct.

(All images showing an additional smaller PHR walker are for scale purposes only)

One models per set

30mm Scale

Height: 95mm (gun levelled)
Width: 90mm
Depth: 90mm

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