Its time to take a look at the Allies rules, for everything from Battle Brothers on down to Come the Apocalypse. These are changing, and its time to see where it all is going to fall in the next couple of days.

Please remember that these are rumors. The official release day is just a couple days away.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 from someone with the book.
Here is a look at what allies means now.

Battle Brothers
Benefit from Warlord Traits, can be joined by IC's, are friendly units for psychic powers, repair hull points, embark on transports, and effect reserve rolls.

Allies of Convenience
Cannot move within 1" of each other,cannot have any of the benefits listed in battle brothers, and are effected by rules and abilities that effect enemy units.

Desperate Allies
Are just like Allies of Convenience except they have a One Eye Open rule. Cannot be within 6" of each other or roll a d6. On a One, cannot do anything and flyers most move at minimums and cannot pivot.

Come the Apocalypse
Just like Desperate Allies, except that they cannot deploy within 12" of each other.

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