This morning we had some internet problems, and I am trying to get caught up with what I have lined up the day. I have lots of pictures, videos and more coming. For now lets get out the first rumor of the day which is mostly confirming a lot of what we have going.

Please remember that this is rumor.

via an anonymouis source on Faeit 212
This isn't telling us anything we don't know at this stage but I was in my local GW this afternoon. The manager was chatting to a couple of guys and after he finished with them, he came over to me and just blurted it all out...

New edition available to pre-order on the 17th and in store on the 24th. It's a revision rather than a complete new edition. New psychic phase confirmed. Articles revealing the major changes in the next two White Dwarfs.

When I asked about a new starter set, he said "maybe" but he didn't think so based on the new edition not being that different to the current one.

Like I said, nothing earth-shattering but nice to hear from someone with a reasonable chance of knowing what he's talking about.
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