For years the one thing that has always bothered me about fast moving skimmers, is that you were so heavily penalized for going second, that shooting armies just ripped you apart. I am now a huge fan of the new Jink rules, as now I simply declare i want to jink and my raiders get a 4+, and I can do so in round 1 without having to move first! This was always my biggest frustrations with being such a dedicated Dark Eldar player for so long.

I know this is more of a personal post, but this seemingly small change did so much for the game. It balanced out wave serpents, helped me personally fielding my Raider force, and put the decision to jink right into the hands of the player that has the ability to jink. Add in the new damage table, and my raiders feel so less vulnerable, more than ever before.

Jetbikes, Marine Bikes, and Skimmers, no longer get caught flat footed for simply loosing the first round dice roll off.

"When a unit with any models with the jink special rule is selected as a target for a shooting attack, you may declare that it will jink. the decision must be made before any of the to hit rolls have been made. If the unit jinks all models in the unit with this special rule gain a 4+ cover save until the start of their next movement phase, but they can only fire snap shots until the end of their next turn."

Very well done with this rule.
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