At Valhalla I was able to fight and battle Shawn, owner of Blue Table Painting,  in a game a Dropzone Commander. The best part is that we were getting to pay with a scenario model that is not even out yet, but will be at the end of the month. With David (the creator of the Game) overwatching and running the mission, we had one hell of a fight ahead of us. It was a hard hitting fight just to try and take control the Orbital Defense laser before the other person.

The cool thing about this battle, is that the mission for it is already up on the Hawk Wargames site, and had just gotten there before Valhalla started. We were literally testing the mission, and with David there, were able to influence the direction and rules it will have. We were a part of the history of the game, a full playtest with David right there.

I also shot video of this match up, but by far, Shawn is the guru of video productions and does a much better job on them. With permission, I decided to post his up instead of mine. Great battle.

Here are a couple more pics

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