I always have questions coming in to the site, and sometimes I can answer them and sometimes not. Well, someone with the new rulebook was clear that they would answer some questions, so I forwarded a readers questions, and here are the answers.

Please remember that these must be considered rumors, because quite simply the official release of the rulebook has not happened yet.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 Answering Some Questions
I've got a foreign language 7th edition and a english 6th, so I'm not sure about the exact wording.

1. is there any change to the Zealot special rule?  
No, just worded a bit differently (just cosmetic).

2. has assault and vehicles changed? Specifically can a unit assault after disembarking under any circumstances?
No assaulting after disembarking. Just shooting and using powers. You can assault from an assault vehicle or open-topped vehicle (which automatically counts as assault vehicle).

3. Has there been any change to he stealth and shrouded works?
It's the same.

4. Can you confirm that snap shots are now -2 BS and does this change the interaction with blast weapons?
No it's still fixed BS 1 :-[

5. Bonus:
You still can't consolidate into a new combat.

So... not that many changes here.
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