I was lucky enough to spend some time talking to David Lewis of Hawk Wargames over the last week at Valhalla. If you ever get the chance to hit a Valhalla while he is there, I highly suggest you do.

Hawk Wargames has an exciting release schedule over the next year, and its one that will be full of releases, scenario packs, a new game expansion, and much more. This is a great time to jump into this game as it has a lot to offer and a lot more in its future. Here is a look at what is ahead for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.

Please understand, that this is as it stands now, and the further out, the more things can change. Even though these are solid from conversations with the creator of the game, things can change and as such must be taken as rumors.

I have also seen the most of these models, including the Bunker and underground airbase sets, which we will reveal here in a video that I am wrapping up with David Lewis from Valhalla were we got to see these models.

Dropzone Commander
May: Aegis Orbital Defence Laser Scenery Pack- Scenario
June: Bunker Scenery Pack- Scenario
July: Underground Airbase Hatch-Scenario
August (late) Reconquest Phase 1 Expansion Full Color Book
Resistence Starter Set and a couple model releases (unclear about which ones will be first here)

August - November
New Resistence release every Fortnight (14 days) until the full set of 22 codes is released. 

December: Advent Calendar with releases for every faction
2015 Jan-March Release of models revealed during the Advent Calendar.

Speculation here on my part............
Sometime Next Year. Reconquest Phase 2

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