Yesterday there was an FAQ released, and it was great to see one so soon. I know there are  lot of complaints, but I am just glad that we had one hit so quick. Solid rumors from sources, are saying that we will see much faster updates on the FAQ's, and if this is the case, problems we are seeing will be fixed.

Some things to consider. Warhammer 40k is a really huge game. It should not be surprising that some things slipped through the cracks, and over all I dont see anything really game changing. There are a couple of things though to consider though with these new faq's.

The first is that neither digital only codices were listed. That means the Adeptas Sororitas and the Inquisition were not listed. I am checking my codices now over the next few days hoping that we will see some updates listed there. Most likely they will not need a written faq, because its easy to just update these digitally.

The Crimson Slaughter and Black Legion were missed, but for the most part the chaos marine codex handled a lot of the issues. Still would be nice to see the other dexes listed though.

The next odd thing. Is that there were a lot of rules changes from the previous FAQ's that were just dropped for several codices. Things like Powerfield Generators and others that had rules changes are now back to the way they are written in the codex. This can be huge for some armies, like Dark Angels.

Blood Angels seem to have lost a few fast moving vehicles? Um, copy paste error?

Orks. Well, your codex is coming, and for Orks its not a very long wait. In fact its already June, and we should start getting more information. So dont hold on too tight to Daemonology, it may not be there for long.

My thoughts are that if GW can stay on top of FAQ's, with this current ruleset much better written, that 7th edition will literally be the best yet to date.

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