Im back now from being offline for about 2 days (In a beach shack), and there is a lot to talk about. The first of course is that Pre-Orders are going to be going up for Orks May 31st. Not sure?....... GW has released a video with a relatively big hint.

Of course I have a full on collection of sites that have leaked images from this coming week's White Dwarf.

These have 5 hull points, and 13/13/12. Definitely going to be some tough walkers to break. Not to mention they are transports as well. Orks are going to be a lot of fun in the near future, as the trend of big models continues with Orks.

Lots of Leaks with stats for the new Ork Warmachines!

Some Black and Whites here that some site like Dakka are not crediting the original poster.

A link to the video from Games Workshop that really doesn't give us much but the date.

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