Today I received two Tablewar Gaming Mats from Frontline Gaming. I specifically ordered the Alpine 6x4 and the Grassy Plains 6x4, because I knew they would fit with the terrain I have, and really change up the look of the tables I generally set up here for gaming nights. 

The first thing I have to say about these mats, is that they blend in the terrain just awesome. These are fantastic looking mats. From what you can see in the pic and the video, is that the game mat really brings to life the tabletop. Huge kudos to the artists and Reece at Frontline Gaming for creating these.

As for the mat itself, its durable and printed on a water resistant surface affixed to a neoprene backing. They do not slip on the table beneath that I had it on, and it lays perfectly flat. 

They come in a cover as well, to keep them protected, although I am imagining that damp cloth is all it would take to really clean these up if they were to get dirty. 

As you can see in the video, I am just dying to get in some games on these mats, and you will be seeing these a lot on future videos and pics. 

Literally these turn any surface into your gaming table. There are more to choose from as well, including game mats for space battles, and more. There is even the rumor that they will be making one for Dropzone Commander. I can almost guarantee I will be one of the first in line for those. 

For more info or for ordering these, here is the link. 

the 4x4 gaming mats are $65 while the 6x4 are $85.

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