Today there were several pages of the rulebook shown and revealed from White Dwarf team in Whats New Today. The first of course is more details about the force organizations that we have seen or been through many times already. The second is a good image of the the first two Maelstorm of War Missions.

Here is the second image that looks at the force organization chart. It can be seen here.

More images from the downloadable samples can be seen as well across the internet. The best collection I have found is a link here on this site as it shows what you get to check out when you download the sample rulebook on itunes. Of course there is nothing revealing here, except that the first book of the new release will focus on many different aspects of the hobby and include dedicated pages showing off White Dwarf, the Black Library etc.

Over all I am getting excited for this release, and digging into the changes that will become part of our every day conversation for Warhammer 40k. I am sure we are only a couple days now away from really getting some hard information on what is in the rulebook.

I know I have my pre-orders in already.
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