Tonight as 'What's On Your Table" we have a PHR force being put together by Stickmonkey. The PHR are a hard hitting force, that really can devastate your force in a round or two in a head on fight. I am curious to see how the magnetizing is going.

I've finally started painting my PHR. The coverage from Vahalla has inspired me to really get off my butt on this project. I was considering farming it out, but every time I've done it I've regretted not painting myself.
So here we have the start:
3 Neptunes
1 Poseidon
4 Juno A1
2 Juno A2
2 Zeus
1 Phobos
2 Tanaris
4 Immortals
2 Juno main bodies
Everything is magnetized with the tiniest magnets I could find, 1/32" x 1/16" disc neo magnets from K&J Magnetics

Still to finish assembling and magnetizing:
1 Hades
1 Poseidon
1 Phobos
2 Odin
2 Ares
I have an Athena, but discovered bad bubbles on the main guns so a replacement is on its way.
I have another order in as well to pick up some sirens, tritons, and jetskimmers.


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