The Psychic phase has been described as its own mini-game, and its one that I would have to agree with. The issue with that is its one that some armies just will not be participating in. While its still early, the psychic phase addition to 7th edition is right now my least favorite and sometimes annoying area of the game. Of course if you are decked out to participate, its great fun.

I started off with my most favorite new rules in 7th edition (jink), and I figured I would follow with my least liked new addition to the game, The Psychic Phase. Its not that Psykers got their own phase, because I think this is an excellent idea, but for me, the psychic phase is just throwing far too many dice for something that could be accomplished with a much easier game mechanic.

To start with, I thoroughly enjoy that GW has detailed out the order of things, and how each round is supposed to work very concisely. My problems though with the new psychic phase, is the time that must be dedicated to it, and of course the excessive dice that must be thrown when warp charge powers are growing exponentially with seemingly no limits.

I tend to feel that 40k was just given a version of spells that was in fantasy, with counter spelling, gathering large pools of dice, and seeing where things fell. Of course time will answer these questions, as I get more of a chance to delve into and test the new psychic phase. I am very interested to see how my Grey Knights and Astra Militarum do during this aspect of the game when geared up for the psychic phase. And the opposite for my Dark Eldar who virtually have no real influence and can sit back and wait to see what happens every psychic phase. Can the Dark Eldar do without delving into this new aspect of the game?

Since I am thus far limited in my exposure to it, Ive only been through it on the gaming table once so far. I thought I would throw it out to the readers here on the site. Especially as it is one of the new highlighted areas of the game by GW.

Your thoughts on the new psychic phase?

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