A little early tonight simply because I have rumors lined up for Orks, I thought we would take a look at some Mechanicus conversions done by Manus. Of course once you check these out, you will want to check out his blog for more of his Mechanicus Projects.

I thought I take the opportunity to send a pic of my latest creation for your What's on your table series - a Mechanicus Hypaspist based on the new GW Scion model.

My blog is on your blogroll as The Forge, A few months ago I changed the name of the blog to Forge Mechanicus - thought it would be more catchy and display the true nature of the blog better. 

The link to my blog is: forgemechanicus.blogspot.dk/ 
where a few more pics of the hypaspist can also be found - don't know if you link to blogs in the series? 

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