This week we have an exciting large new warmachine for Orks coming, the dual kit Gorkanaught/Morkanaut. So what else is on the release list for this week? More Orks? Well, you might be a little disappointed.

Here is this week's release list, please remember that nothing official has been announced, so this remains a rumor until verified by GW.

I am going to assume that this week will just be the Gorkanaught, followed by more Orks for the new few weeks.

via La Taberna de Laurana on Faeit 212

Dual Kit Gorkanaught/Morkanaut 1 Model $105
The Crimson Fist: GW Exclusive novel by John French $24
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Ork Gorkanaut
Mourning Brown Spray- Basecoat Spray $18

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