First thing up this morning are some new Ork pics from this coming weekend's White Dwarf. There are some good ones here, and the information gives us some details on the new Gorkanaut / Morkanaut models that are coming. Of course the weapon stats are shown as well as now you can see where the two differ from each other.

Here is a link to the leaked images. As with all leaked images, please consider them rumors, as we have had no offiical release information.

Here is what we are seeing via La Taberna de Laurana
Grot riggers gives "it will not die"

The Gorkanaut
Weapons: Mega-shoota, twin-linked big shootas, two rokkit lauchas, skorcha and Klaw of Gork(or Mork)
options: are extra armour and grot riggers

The Morkanaut
Weapons: twin linked big shootas, mega-blasta, mega-kannon, two rokkit launchas, and Klaw of Gork (or Mork)
Options: Kustom Force Field, extra armour, and grot riggers
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