Everyone knows by now about the new two new ork models going live for pre-order this weekend. There is a nice collection of leaked images over on dakka dakka. Its rather complete, and while it seems the new Ork warmachines are getting mixed reviews to start, (models and rules), you can at least get a good look at them. 

Here is where you find all the linked images.

Both Gorkanaut and Morkanauts look very similar, however, with the codex right around the corner (may  31st pre-orders), there is a lot of room for growth from the White Dwarf.

via dakka
- KFF confirmed as 5++ save within 6" 
- Gorkanaut has rampage, adding d3 attacks whenever outnumbered, but can't take KFF. Otherwise identical statline to Morkanaut. 
- Gorkanaut 245 points, Morkanaut 230 
- Text keeps talking about TL bazookas, unit entries have regular bazooks.
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