This week really was all about Warhammer 40k and the launch of the new edition. Every nwe bit of information was very much looked at in detail before the release hit. With that, there was not a whole lot else going on this week. Lets take a look.

Faeit's Tarot takes look at the news and rumors of the week, so that we can look ahead to predict what is coming in the weeks ahead.

New This Week
Warhammer 40k
Space Marine Strike Force Ultra $325
Militarum Tempestus Storm Scions $285
Dataslate: Strike Force Ultra (Interactive iBooks Edition) $4.99
Dataslate: Strike Force Ultra (eBook Edition) $3.99

Horus Heresy
Mortarion the Reaper Primarch of the Death Guard £55.00

Rumors This Week

Games Workshop Release Schedule ****
This release schedule was given a little more detail this week, and extended so that we could see what may be ahead for us in regards to releases. A lot of this lines up with what we have been hearing, and that would place the next couple releases with Orks and then Bretonnia.
via The Voice of the Chaos Gods
GW plans Events for an subsequently 30th Birthdays of Warhammer Fantasy. The new edition is supposed to be part of it. When exactly I can not say.
I "optimized" my release shedule:LATE MAY40k 7th Edition (as already official)
EARLY-MID JUNEOrks(New Codex and Models)
LATE JUNEOrk Theme Apocalypse Supplement(possible Invasion of Badlanding)
EARLY-MID JULYBretons(Armybook and such things)
LATE JULYChaos Space Marines Sets and Supplement(Legionary/Havoc/Chosen Box, old CSM Box remains)
EARLY AUGUST40k New Starter Set(DV Revised)
MID-LATE AUGUSTBlood Angels(Vampires in Space! Codex and Models)
EARLY SEPTEMBERArmageddon Apocalypse Supplement(new and updated content)
MID SEPTEMBERWarhammer Fantasy 9th Edition(Such strange things called "Rules)
LATE SEPTEMBER - EARLY OCTOBEROrcs and Goblins(Armybook and new gitz)
MID OCTOBERFantasy Starter Set(Empire vs. the green Guys)
LATE OCTOBER - EARLY NOVEMBERDark Eldar(yes... Codex and Boxes)
MID-LATE NOVEMBEREMPIRE(A book with rules and models to play them, possibly new state troops, the design studio hates the current)
COMPLETE DECEMBERThe Hobbit and Scenery(it calles "HObbit" not "BObiit"!)
JANUARYPossible Space Wolves(Vinkings in Space! Only without rob stupid christians )

Bretonnian Release Details July ****
A Bretonnian release in July would be very welcomed in Warhammer Fantasy, its been a long time coming. The rumored release has been talked about now by several different sources here on Faeit 212, adding to the validity that this is indeed happening.
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A little bird behinds the scenes has revealed to someone I know that
apparently Bretonnians are in July and will be getting a new book along
Plastic duel kit questing/grail knights
Plastic knights of the realm/questing knights on foot. Have maces or swords
plus shields.
special rule for knights armed with maces confers a +1S
two clam packs with characters.

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