This week was mostly about the new FAQ's and we have had two separate updates since the FAQ's first appeared this week. These fast and more current FAQ updates are something we have wanted as a community, and its great to see that GW is on it. Lets take a look at what was going on this week.

Faeit's Tarot takes look at the news and rumors of the week, so that we can look ahead to predict what is coming in the weeks ahead.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Stompas 'n' Krusherz Collection $421.25
Brutal 'n' Kunnin’ Collection $210
Gorkanaut/ Morkanaut $105
Fall of Mecharius $24.99
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Morkanaut (Interactive iBooks Edition)
$3.99 Find Out More

Hawk Wargames
30mm Scale Ares Battle Walker£45.00

Dark Age Games!
Skarrd Warband $44.99
Outcast Warband $39.99
Forsaken Warband $39.99
CORE Warband $49.99
Dragyri Air Caste Warband $49.99
Dragyri Ice Caste Warband $49.99
Dragyri Fire Caste Warband $49.99
Brood Warband $44.99
Kukulkani Warband $39.99

Warhammer World's Official Tournament Rules for 7th Edition

Link to the Warhammer 40k/ Fantasy FAQ's

Rumors This Week
This week was mostly about leaked images for the new Morkanaut/ Gorkanaut, and what we are going to see for next week's main Ork release. One rumor we did have come in this week was that Orks are going to be generating their Warp Charge differently than the other codices, and we wait now to find out how these can be used.

Orks and How they Generate Warp Charge
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ork units over a certain large size generate a warp charge. Each separate combat Orks are in generate a warp charge. 
Multiple units in the same combat are treated as a single group in regards to hit the size threshold for generating warp charges, so that several small units can mob up to generate a charge where they would not be able to otherwise.

7th Edition FAQ's Incoming for the Inquisition and Adeptus Sororitas
Less of a rumor, but still looking ahead at future FAQ updates, a reader got this in his inbox when he asked a question earlier this week.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Is there an update planned for the adepta sororitas and inquisition ebooks planned to bring them inline with 7th edition and especially the changes in the grey knight codex FAQ?

Thank you for your email. We are currently working on the FAQ's for the Digital supplements and will be adding them to the existing FAQ's within the next month.
Many thanks,Black Library Customer Services
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