Whether its a chart or an app, several people in the community are working on projects to give the chances of getting off your psychic powers and denying the Witch. Here are a few this morning for readers to check out and comment on.

via Blood for the Blood God for an in the works app
     With the release of 7th edition and the new Psychic Phase I have created an app that will help players determine the odds of successfully manifesting a psychic power by comparing the successful warp charge rolls required against the number of warp charge dice they wish to expend. This way players can accurately predict how many dice they want to use to ensure a successful manifestation. It also detetmines the chance of the psyker suffering a perils of the warp result based on the same information.
      I plan to add alot of other features such as deny the witch probability, re rolls and increased chance of perils for daemonology casters.
     This is the first edition of the generator and I will be updating it more and more frequently as demand increases.
     You can find the generator here:www.facebook.com/blogforthebloodgod

via Simon for charts
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