Earlier we had an article from a source giving us what looks like a very solid schedule for Fantasy and 40k that went all the way through October. Now we have an addition to this from a different source, but it all seems to match up logically with what lies ahead.

Please remember that these are rumors. Here is a link to the last rumor bit with the releases before October.

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
My sources are almost lock step with the schedule youve posted. Beyond that they say major releases for the coming year are (obviously with other smaller releases in between with the new pacing):

Oct-nov - dark eldar
Nov-dec - hobbit (which ive heard will end additional development by May 2015, and support/releases for it will last 1 year past that), new scenery for 40k, including a crashed/destroyed land raider set piece, and the long awaited xenos scenery rumored to include a bunker each for eldar, orks, and tau. Each about the size of the small wall of martyrs bunker)
Dec-jan - Space Wolves, a Battle of Garm apoc supplement
Jan-Feb wfb beastmen
Feb-mar 40k necrons, wfb scenery "bridge"
Mar-beyond in no particular order - skaven, grey knights, high elves, sororitas!?, inquisition, empire
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