Bretonnians have been in the rumors of late, and even with all the buzz of the new edition of 40k going on right now, I wanted to take a look at what is being rumored. A new image has appeared over the internet, and while I honestly know very little about it, I am posting a quick link to it where it was posted up, over on 40k Warzone. So lets take a look what is rumored for the Knights of Bretonnia.

Please remember that these are all rumors.

via  Tom Harper over on 40k Warzone 
Follow the link to see the image.
The first new rumour is that Grail Knights can also be fielded on foot - we have just been sent a photo that could possibly be from a new Grail Knight kit! 

Of course we have had lots of rumor here on Faeit 212 as well, and here is a recap.
A little bird behinds the scenes has revealed to someone I know that 
apparently Bretonnians are in July and will be getting a new book along 
Plastic duel kit questing/grail knights
Plastic knights of the realm/questing knights on foot. Have maces or swords 
plus shields.
special rule for knights armed with maces confers a +1S
two clam packs with characters.
 Tom Harper

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