Here is a the 7th edition Vehicle damage chart for those of you that were wanting the real information from out guest last night. This is rather confirmed info from our guest.

Please remember that although this is.... well from someone that really does have the book. It must be taken as rumors until we have an official release date.

via an anonymous source with the book on Faeit 212
OK, the vehicle damage chart really is simple, but has a few surprises.
1-3 Crew Shaken: vehicle only firing snap shots like normal
4 Crew Stunned: vehicle only firing snap shots and cannot move or pivot. Zooming flyers cannot turn and must move 18". 
5 Weapon Destroyed: as normal and if all weapons have run out of ammunition or or already destroyed count as immobilized
6 Immobilized: Chariots count as Crew Stunned, Flyers 1-2 flyer crashes with Crash and Burn rule. 3+ it counts as crew stunned.An already immobilized vehicle suffering another immobilized result loses an additional hull point.

7+Explodes: D6 radius for a Strenth 4 hit on nearby units. vehicle destroyed

Crash and Burn: lg blast and scatters 2d6 for S6 hits.

Wrecked vehicles are those that lose all their hull points. becomes scenery
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