If you follow the site here, you would know that Bretonnians are rumored to be an early to mid July release this summer. We really have not had any details on exactly what the release would include. A long time coming, this will make a lot of people happy to get a new armybook and some model releases. I get quite a few emails asking if there are any whispers or hints about Bretonnians. So here it is, some details for July

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A little bird behinds the scenes has revealed to someone I know that 
apparently Bretonnians are in July and will be getting a new book along 

Plastic duel kit questing/grail knights

Plastic knights of the realm/questing knights on foot. Have maces or swords 
plus shields.

special rule for knights armed with maces confers a +1S

two clam packs with characters.
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