I recently found this. Apparently someone has a running track record on rumors on me, even though I don't originate any rumors. It is apparent that there are people that do not understand the nature of rumors on this site, so it is time to explain it.......

This is a news and rumor site, and other things of course, but mostly news and rumors. No rumors originate from myself. I simply report and collect rumors, and credit where I am allowed. Where I cannot release source information, I find peoples jobs worth more than a simple rumor, I will not credit the source, but will instead mention it is from my inbox or something else. My job is more similar to that of a reporter, digging to find information to present to readers. I also spend time with editorials, and try to help guide us through the rumor mill, so that we can divine what might be on the horizon.

This means that I will post rumors that are often way out in left field (and try and let readers know I think they are way off), as well as reliable rumor sources that are found elsewhere like Harry, Hastings, and more.  I want to make sure that if an accuracy thread is done, that the proper people get credited the rumors, and if you are going to credit the site... list everything or nothing, because I am not a source and everything here is from someone else. We do get some exclusives though, as sources send in information for readers here.

I am not trying to discredit who is doing this, however, I do wish that the crediting or discrediting would be accurate. I applaud the effort as long as the goal of the post is not to dissuade rumor posters from posting up what they know or don't know.

Here is the site and link.

This is my apparent track record, and I have included the real sources of the information I am credited with for accuracy.

Release Schedule
3 New Flyers in August, 1 Flyer is Chaos PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
CSM - Release in August with half models and codex PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)

6th Edition Starter + other half of CSM in September PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
DA + Entire Range in October PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
August WD pushed back PENDING (Cannot release source info-inbox)
6th Edition 'leak' - May 2012
Snap Fire, TRUE  (Grant)
Assault from DS, FALSE (Grant, but was a theory based on what was read, not a rumor which was apparent in the post)
Hull Points, TRUE (Grant)
Challenges, TRUE (Grant)
Gifts, PENDING (Grant, and not the complete story)
TS Relentless PENDING (Grant)

Chaos April 2012
No EW Levels TRUE (Grant)
Hull Points TRUE (Grant)
CC AP Levels TRUE (Grant)

Release Schedule - October 2011
Tau Q1 FALSE (Marik Law)
Chaos Legions mid Year FALSE (Marik Law)
Eldar End of Year PENDING (Marik Law)

Chaos Release - October 2011
Chaos in January/February FALSE (Cant find this one, but I don't originate rumors)

Renegade Guard - October 2011
Renegade Guard with Chaos PENDING (schell)
Starter set is not DA/Chaos. Chaos, but not DA. PENDING (schell)

Please do not start a Dakka Dakka bashing session, every site/forum/blog in this hobby has a place and purpose in our expansive hobby. This post is simply to correct the information, and hope that future posts are about this site are a little bit more informed.
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