This small rumor hints at more flyers and Anti-Air options for armies sometime before Christmas this year. Squad upgrades of course could mean we will see Flakk Missiles being added to units.

While local Games Workshop employees are not the strongest of sources, local conversations with them are sometimes still worth discussing. I beleive that most only know what everyone else knows, but then again, I have never worked for Games Workshop.

Regardless, of source, today we have a rumor from our comment section that was worth mentioning. I am assuming the AA upgrades means more flyers and more AA options. Squad upgrades.... Flakk Missiles anyone?

via Henry South
Long time lurker first time poster! Heard this rumour yesterday (about Forgeworld Models) from my local GW employee. Sounded like it has been on the cards for AU and USA for a while now. He said squad upgrades, flyer upgrades and AA. will be in the first batch by christmas.

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